Cenote is a multi-disciplinary residency program committed to bridging the communicative gap that yawns ever wider between human cultures and the living systems and intelligences which support and co-constitute our existence.

The metaphor of the Cenote, a window and passage into subterranean waters, acknowledges the need to both respect the cultural, psychological, and technological currents that have carried humanity through the centuries, but also to cast sustained light on those adaptations and practices which may have become maladaptive, as scales and contexts have so radically shifted.

Cenote is multi-disciplinary by necessity. There is no one answer to the complex of puzzles we need to solve in order for the multi-species environments of earth to remain complex and robust. As such we invite artists in all media, academics from all disciplines, and practitioners from law to conservation to education, to take part.

Vila Nova de Poiares, 2019

Residents: Lily Coates, Alex Badham, Murillo Basso, Renan Ferreira, Shultz Abrahms-Kavunenko and Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko

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Cenote is a multidisciplinary roving residency run by Shultz and Saskia Abrahms-Kavunenko


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